2-8 Line Computer Telephony Interface(AD260/AD460/AD860)

2-8 Line Computer Telephony Interface

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    Although the communicative system is progressing constantly, telephone is still the simplest and convenient way. In particular it comes to business field which integrated with computer, many transactions are verified by telephone, in order to avoid forgetting, misunderstanding or dishonest, the recording equipment for call detailed records is a must for some trades.

Key Features:
- Record incoming/outgoing call no., time & date  
- Live line operating status display
- Flexible system parameter programming
- Standalone 4-line under one unit
- Equipped with 16 units up to 64 lines under one PC
- Specified inbound call ringer control
- Unallowed inbound & outbound call number  setting
- Telephone real-time status control
- Support external billing info device display  
- Compatible with ETSI/Bellcore FSK & DTMF Caller ID  
- Simulate FSK & DTMF CID signal for testing
- Additional I/O port control available for option
- HID USB data transmission without USB driver
- Busy tone detection, right & left channel voice control
- Fully open SDK for application development



DEMO Program Benefits:
. Incoming Call Number Record
. Outgoing Call Number Record
. Current Line Status Display
. Telephone Operating Status Display
. Talking Start & Stop Duration Record
. Line Polarity Reversal Detection
. Ringing Detection
. Line Talking Detection
. LED Indicator for Data Transmission



Target User:
.Telephone Shopping Transaction
. Real Estate Liaison
. Customer Service Center
. Banking & Financial Transactions
. Private Enterprise
. Credit Reference Agency
. SOHO Family Studio
. Security Employee Direct Line
. Call Center Solution
. Call Shop Billing
. Family User for Harassment Collection
. Commercial Transaction