Caller ID with USB Interface (CTI)(AD102 )

Caller ID with USB Interface (CTI)

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    Although telecom system developed rapidly and progressing constantly, the phone is still the simplest and convenient way that people communicate with each other. In particular it comes to business, a lot of transaction details should be verified by telephone. In order to avoid forgetting, misunderstanding or dishonest, it is very important that the recording equipment is a must in some trades.

So far, most similar recording devices used the pronunciation card with industry PC, special-purpose software, which causes large systematic capacity requirements and expenses, a few enterprises can accept it. For this reason, combined with computer and telephony integration technology, ARTECH is launching AD102single line caller ID USB interface. 

AD102 provides a user friendly DEMO interface, hardware, DEMO source code & API to fully open SDK for software companies and system integrators. With powerful and flexible functionalities, it will be very helpful for the second development.

Key features:

-Incoming/outgoing number, time & date record

-Conversation duration counting

-Compatible ETSI/Bellcore FSK and DTMF caller ID

-Live line operating status indication

-Flexible system parameter programming

-HID USB data transmission without USB driver

-Multiple system LED indicator status control

-Provide several talking startup conditions

-Expandable to 4 devices simultaneously

-Start talking interval & missed call time setting

-Provide polarity reversal detection

Target User:

-Telephone shopping transaction

-Real estate liaison

-Customer service center

-Banking & financial transactions

-Private enterprise

-Credit reference agency

-SOHO family studio

-Security employee direct line

-Call center solution

-Call shop billing

-Family for harassment collection