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AX301 - VOIP Port Converter (FXS to FXO)
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AX301 - VOIP Port Converter (FXS to FXO)
AX301 can simply convert FXS port of VOIP to FXO. Once there is a ring from VOIP, if connect to the CO line immediately, so the user can dial out from CO line. In opposition, when the ring is from the CO line, it will connect to VOIP immediately. Till the busy tone is generates, AX301 disconnects both sides.
Features Top
Access Password
User can set a password (max. 6 digits) to prevent unauthorized access of VOIP or PSTN.

Auto Call Forwarding (Hot Line)
User can set a telephone (or VOIP) number, when the call is coming from a line, will forward this number via the other line.

Maximum Call Duration Limitation
AX301 can enforce to disconnect the lines after a certain period. The duration is programmable from 1 minute to 999 minutes.

DTMF Enhancement
Specially designed for CISCO ATA VOIP gateway, to enhance the DTMF level of dialing numbers. Make these gateways recognize the dialing numbers easily and precisely.

Programming Password
To prevent unauthorized changing of the setting.

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