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AX520 - 2-Line Switch
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AX520 - 2-Line Switch
AX520 has 2 line jacks and one phone jack. The line jacks can connect to PSTN line and VOIP line. Whenever there is a ring from either of them, the phone can ring and answer. When the user wants to make a phone call, it goes through LINE1 jack automatically. If user dials #, 0 before the telephone number, it will dial out from LINE2 jack. It is ideal for FXS VOIP units. Sometimes the users don't have enough line port on PBX or KTS. It can expand the number of CO line ports.
Features Top
Two Lines Answering Automatically
You can connect two Lines at the same time and judge the telephone to be received according to rings.
Auto Engagement
When a user is using either of two Lines, the other Line will be engaged automatically to make an incoming call transfer to next Line.
Dialing Out From Fixed Line
LINE1 is used to dial telephone numbers fixedly.
Forced Dialing Out From LINE2
LINE2 can be connected forcedly by pressing # ,0 before the telephone number you wanted.
Multi-functional Indicator
In the standby mode, the double-color indicator lights in red every two seconds. When ringing, LINE1 flashes in red and LINE2 flashes in green. When talking, LINE1 lights in red and LINE2 lights in green.
Flash Time Detection
During using the telephone set, if a user switches HOOK button with 800 ms, the auto switch will think the user transfer a call and not disconnect LINE. If the time of switching HOOK is more than 800ms, the auto switch will disconnect LINE and switch to LINE1.
Diagram Top

1.Connect the AC/DC adaptor (DC18V/200mA)
2.Connect a telephone line (or an analog PBX inter line) to LINE 1 of AX520, and another line to LINE 2
3.Connect the telephone set (or the CO line interface of a PBX) to PHONE jack of AX520.
4.If there are more than 2 AX520 are applied, can easily stack up with the 4 feet. An optional 5-output plug AC/DC power adaptor is recommended.
Application Top

For an ordinary family or a company, two numbers can share a fax, answering machine and wireless telephone, which can save expense a lot. For a fixed network, you can connect your Line to LINE1, the Zhonghua telecom Line of customers to LINE2. Then you can remain former Zhong hua telecom number and not expand the number of an exchange board Lines.You can answer calls from any fixed network and dial numbers from LINE1. You can't dial numbers from LINE2 unless Zhonghua telecom service numbers. The latest network telephone has the function to make a call and faxing. So for the users who has installed VOIP, what is the best way to connect the former fax line and network fax line on the same fax? The product AX520 can help you complete the connection.

Product specifications Top
Package Contents Top

Q1.Does the product need electricity? If the power is off, what is the product like?
A1.The product needs a DC18V Power Adaptor. If the power is off, the Line will be
Located at L2. You only can make and answer a call through L2.

Q2.In case I am using the L1, what will happen when there is a call from L2?
A2.If you are using either of two Lines, the other Line will be engaged automatically. That is to say, any calls will not be received from the L2.

Q3.Is it permitted if one Line comes from one extension line of a PBX and the other Line from PSTN?
A3.This is allowable. Both the specifications of telephone line can be used.

Q4.Can the telephone numbers be used to dial out continuously if I press #0 to use L2?
A4.It is allowable. You can continuously press #0 and destination number without waiting,which is available for redialing and memory dialing.

Q5.Is a Caller ID service available after installing the 2-Line Auto Switch.
A5.At present, the Caller ID service in the Taiwan uses DTMF and sends signals before ringing. Normally the display shows a caller's information when a call from L1, not L2. But if the power is off, the switch will connect L2 automatically, the display l shows a caller's information when a call from L2, not L1. If the auto switch is used in USA or some areas where using FSK and sending signals after rings. The display will show caller's information from both Lines. (When power fails, only L2 does.)

Package Spec Top

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