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EX900 - Japanese Caller ID Converter
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EX900 - Japanese Caller ID Converter

Many people like the design and features of Japan phones, cordless phones and PBX, but when they purchase them and carry back to their home country, they find these phones are unable to receive the caller ID from local telephone operators. This is caused by different standard of caller ID. Different telecom equips with different caller ID, likewise the caller ID receiver also pops up with various caller ID format. Now the worldwide caller ID can mainly separate to DTMF, ETSI/Bellcore FSK and JT FSK. If your caller ID phone is only compatible with JT FSK caller ID, it will not be compatible with others. Based on this purpose, EX900 is dedicating to convert DTMF/ETSI/Bellcore FSK to JT FSK format, so that your phone can be used anywhere whenever you go.


Features Top

There are 3 major caller ID specifications in the world: DTMF, Bellcore FSK and ETSI FSK. All countries implement the caller ID service on PSTN lines with these 3 standards except Japan.

Japan got its own caller ID protocol. It uses FSK transmission, but the data format and protocol are different from all other standards. So the PSTN CPEs for Japan market cannot receive caller ID in any other countries.

The usage is simple. Just plug the telephone line to LINE jack, and connect the telephone to PHONE jack of EX900, the caller ID will be displayed on the Japanese standard phones. EX900 is line powered, no any external power is required. Just plug and play.

l Convert DTMF/Bellcore FSK/ETSI FSK caller ID format into Japanese standard.

l Time/date setting

l Time/date stamping

l Line powered

l ON/OFF switch

l RJ11 jacks x 2, LINE and PHONE

Diagram Top

Connecting Diagram:

Put Line terminal to PSTN line wallet, and connect phone to Phone Jack, very easy-to-install and easy-to use as shown in below:

1: After installing, please slide the switch to “ON” mode to be normal working standby mode. When you want to terminate converting, please slide it to “BYPASS” non-working mode.

2: Charging indicator, will be light on when low power charging status.

Application Top


Product specifications Top
DTMF/ETSI/Bellcore FSK to JT FSK format
Package Contents Top
EX900, RJ11 Cable, User's Manual

Why does caller ID can not show correctly?

(Subscribed telecom DTMF, ETSI/Bellcore FSK)
 1. Confirm the installation like above steps.
 2. Confirm the switch to be “ON” working position.
 3. Confirm to slide back switch from BYPASS to ON.
 4. Then retesting to check the caller ID converting.

Package Spec Top

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