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AX522 - 2-Line Auto Switch
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AX522 - 2-Line Auto Switch
AX522 is 2-line auto switch, not just put 2 lines to share one terminal device, but also features line switching by judging dialed out numbers, can set to dial prefix from which phone number, and transfer to specified Line plus dialing system code. For  example, dial 03123456, after recognized to long distance call, will switch to Line 2 to dial out, and auto add the prefix 1805 forward to telecom for low-cost purpose.
Features Top

AX522 can put 2-line to share one terminal device, such as cordless phone, fax, key phone system, etc.  After opening land line network in Taiwan caused one case. The problem is no more port free when installed land line to enterprise, almost ports are occupied by telecom lines. But can not remove the telecom line, truck line network needs remain unchanged. Under such circumstance, AX522 can play an important role to figure it out completely.

AX522 equips with 2-line in, and 1 line out. Just connect truck line to Line1, and connect telecom line to Line2, then connect PHONE terminal to PBX system.  In this connection, any line incoming call ringing, key phone can receive them all. If need dial call, AX522 will auto switch to Line1 to dial out, unless user dial #0 to select Line2 to dial out, also can dial 0800 call for service. With AX522, the user can keep original numbers, and greatly select cost-effecitive network in order to economize telephone billing cost.

Key Features:
- Two Lines Answering Automatically
You can connect two Lines at the same time and judge the telephone to be received according to rings.
- Auto Online Programming
Line can be set to online or free while using another line simultaneously.
- Auto judgement by selecting Line to call out
After setting can auto judge which prefix should be called out, and can specify call out from which Line.
- On Hook Time setting
Recognized hang up detection time, when Hook time<800ms, then will be recognized FLASH function, will not cut line to be on-hook status
- Valid Code Setting
Can set  36 group valid code, the prefix stored inside valid code will be dialed out from specified Line.
- Invalid Code Setting
Can set 36 group invalid code, the prefix stored inside invalid code will not be dialed out from specified Line.
- Flash Time Detection
During using the telephone set, if a user switches HOOK button with 800 ms, the auto switch will think the user transfer a call and not disconnect LINE. If the time of switching HOOK is more than 800ms, the auto switch will disconnect LINE and switch to LINE1.

Diagram Top
Application Top
Product specifications Top
Product Specifications:
Product Name: 2-Line Auto Switch
Product Model: AX522
Dimension: 138(L) x 106(W) x 250(H) mm
Weight: 223g
Power: DC 5V / 200mA Power adapter
Operating Voltage: DC 5V / 200mA
Operating Current: Ldle < 30mA     In use < 35mA
Startup Current: 300mA
Contents: 2-Line Auto Switch/RJ11 Cable/Power Adapter/Users Manual
Package Contents Top
Package Spec Top
2-Line Auto Switch/RJ11 Cable/Power Adapter/Users Manual

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