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AD410C - Calipso Call Shop Solution
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AD410C - Calipso Call Shop Solution
Callipso Call Shop Solution is a hardware & software management package. It is a user-friendly billing system to assist you in charging your customers at rates and in currencies of your choice.
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A call shop (also known as a phone shop) is a privately owned business that offers itscustomers the ability of performing local or international phone calls at discount / competitive rates. In a typical call shop, customers make a telephone call from one of the phone booths to any place in the world. When the call terminates, the shop attendant generates a payment receipt, prints it and gives it to the customer. The customer then pays the call charges.

Our Callipso CallShop solution is independent from the interconnection methods used to reach the voice carrier of your choice. It can be integrated with VoIP FXS gateways, auto dialer devices and PABX systems. With Callipso CallShop, you have full control over your phone booths, hence prevent unauthorized calls, and only charge successful calls.

Technical overview

The Callipso CallShop is a solution package containing hardware and software. The hardware can be stacked up to 16 devices operating 64 booths per location. It can use DTMF tones or billing pulses for billing, and therefore only charges successful calls.

It has three authorization levels for setup and management. Callipso CallShop also offers a centralized management tool, enabling you to set up and control a network of call shops.

Callipso CallShop comes in different languages. Adding new languages or adjusting the existing ones is very easy.

Post or Pre Paid billing

Using our Callipso CallShop billing system, you can even grant customers with credits by allowing payment before they make a call. So with our solution, you will have two options:

  • Bill your customers after the completion of calls (Post Paid Billing)
  • Accept payment before they make calls and allot them with a credit limit (Pre Paid Billing). The system checks the customer's account balance before authorizing the call. The customers can make calls to whichever destination he or she wishes and the billing system will allow the customer to make calls to the amount pre-deposited. As soon as the programmed threshold value is exceeded, the call will be disconnected.

Centralized management

Using our Callipso CallShop solution, you can either use the software as a stand alone solution for your privately owned call shop, or you can build a network of call shops located in different geographic locations and monitor their activities from your office, your home or wherever you are. No static IP address is required.

Thanks to our Master and Client software, you can not only monitor your call shop's activities, you can also manage them remotely. You can grant or restrict your call shop operator's exploitation rights. You decide whether he or she can edit the call rates or not, whether he or she can generate and see all or only some activity reports, etc. You have the ability to efficiently control all operational and financial aspects of your business.

Bircom's Callipso CallShop solution is a reliable, user friendly and extremely efficient call shop management and billing tool. It requires a minimum of investment, hence enables any interested party to set up a fully operational, profitable call shop in the blink of an eye.


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