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AB400 - Multi-Functional Wireless Service Button
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AB400 - Multi-Functional Wireless Service Button
Four buttons wireless service bell is dedicated to provide multiple service requests that is a perfect match with wireless service receiver (S1), it is a standalone wireless service button that integrates 4 kinds of different service types with signal transmission indicator, elegant and compact style and ergonomic design will be much comfortable for requesting any services.
Features Top

Transmission Indicator
The LED indicator will flash one time while pressing any button

When press the Request Button/Tea-adding Button/Billing Button the LED indicator will be slowly flashing, the LED indicator will be off while pressing cancel button on AB400 service button or on Main board receiver.

Request Button
You can press Request Button when you need service from waiter or waitress.

The corresponding LED of Main board receiver will light in Red color status.

Tea-Adding Button

You can press Tea-Adding Button when you need service of adding more tea.
The corresponding LED of Main board receiver will light in Green color status.

Billing Button

You can press Billing Button when you need service of checking out billing.
The corresponding LED of Main board receiver will light in Yellow color status.

Cancel Button

You can press Cancel Button to cancel the previous required service request.

The corresponding LED of Main board receiver will be off status or if the service is done already to press this button the LED of Main board receiver will be off also.

Table Paster Position

You can label the Table Logo on Poster Position of service button in order to layout and management.

Battery Slot
Wireless Service Button use 12V battery, please install it as per its right polarity marked on battery slot.

DIP-3 Switch for Setting
The DIP-3 Switch is used for service range receiving and table numbering.

Nonskid Cushion

Nonskid Cushion used to avoid slippage while putting on table or slip location.

Suspension Holder
You can also install Wireless Service Button to wall surface by the Suspension Holder.

Diagram Top
Application Top

Place a WirelessServiceBell on your pub's table makes the customer feel much pleased whenever they need you.

Tea House
Have your tea house setup a WirelessServiceBell makes your business image even stronger.

Coffee Shop
Customers will appreciate your care by having a WirelessServiceBell in hand.

AB400 can be also placed in the following business/facility:
1. Golf Training Course
2. Bowling Alley
3. Internet Cafe
4. Calling Center for Home
5. Factory (Assemble Line)

Product specifications Top
Product Info

Name: Multi-Functional Wireless Service Button

Model: AB400
Dimension : 70 (L) 50(W) 30(H) (mm)
Weight: 50g


Service Request Button
Water Service Button
Billing Service Button
Cancel Service Button

LEDMessage Indicator
Package Contents

Four Buttons Service Button (AB400)

System Requirement Operation Temp: 0XC - 50XC (32XF - 122XF)
Operation Humidity: 10% - 90% without congealment

Electronic Spec

wireless info :

Operated Voltage : 12V Battery
Amperage : Standby < 10mA ; Working < 10mA

1. frequency : 433.93 mhz
2. output power : 10 mW e.r.p.
3. use : < 10 %

Package Contents Top
AB400, User's Manual
Package Spec Top

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