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LM700 - Caller ID Tester
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LM700 - Caller ID Tester

LM700 is a portable equipment which simulates the caller ID signal from central office. It is good for production line in the factory, testing for the repair people and demo for sales people. Compact design makes it easy to carry. Economic price reduces the cost of investment.

Features Top
Dual Mode --- Provides both FSK and DTMF signaling, user can choose FSK test, DTMF test, or mixing test.

Auto/Manual Testing feature
---User can send caller ID data manually by pressing the send button, or just switch to auto mode, it will send continuously.

Messages Waiting Testing
--- Send message waiting signal with FSK or DTMF format.

Level Control ---Allow users to set output level with -10dB, -20dB or -30dB
Diagram Top
Application Top
For sales people, just connect LM700 with a telephone line, then can demo the feature of the caller ID phone even the caller ID service is not available.

For service people, can easily test both caller ID modes. (If the service people use a telephone line to test caller ID, they can only test one mode). They can also test the receiving sensitivity of the CPE with level control feature.
Product specifications Top
Caller ID Spec-Bellcore FSK, ETSI DTMF
Signal level-10dB/-20dB/-30dB adjustable
Power supply-DC24V, 500mA power adaptor and 9V square battery
Size-120 x 250 x 100 mm
Weight-150g (with battery)
Package Contents Top
LM700 tester x 1
Power Adaptor x 1
Q1.If the caller ID needs to send after ringer, how can I do?
A1.You can connect it with a telephone line, and then call from another line. When you hear the first ring, press [SEND] button, it will send caller ID data

Q2.If the caller ID will send after line reversal, how can I do?
A2.Sorry, so far we LM700 does not support line reversal. If you need this feature, we can modify for you.

Q3.If I don't have a telephone line near by, can I use it?
A3.Yes, just plug in the power adaptor included in the packing, then you can test without connecting to a telephone line
Package Spec Top
Inner box-33 x 45 x 50 mm, weight:120g
Carton size-450 x 345 x 600 mmA50PCS/carton/G.W.: 25.0KG

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