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Company Profile
Artech Technology Design Ltd, was a R&D start-up that began in 1994 in Taipei. It is also recognized as one of the best R&D firms in the Taiwanese telecommunication industry. To date, Artech has expanded to 3 R&D centres with more than 80 engineers, whose expertise is spread across various disciplines. Artech¡¯s core competency lies in industrial design, electronic product development and the marketing of telecommunication products. With superior technological advantage, one-stop service, Artech remains agile enough to adapt to fast-changing environment while seeking sustainable growth for the company.

Our rich experience in telecommunication and consumer electronics, together with efficient collaboration with our global partners, had given us an enviable advantage. We believe Artech is able to carry on its mission of applying technology to create products that will enrich people¡¯s lives and protect properties.
Branding is also an important aspect of the Artech corporate plan. Our product, branded ¡°Artech¡± has been sold to over 70 countries across the world, including USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and many others. Our line of products include voiceloggers, CTI computer-telephony integration, Skype-hardware, VOIP-related products, wirelss service bell, GSM gateways, Caller ID Convertors, Door Access and headsets.

Artech¡¯s core values are dedication, efficiency and sharing - which have been the engines behind our growth and success. We are confident that by our continued pursuit of innovation and excellence, from design to production, insisting on quality and speedy delivery, superior customer service and a dedicated team, we are poised for greater growth spurt!

Our key success factors have been our most precious resource: human capital. By providing attractive remuneration package and caring management style, our youthful R&D team is willing to work hard, learn and share and be their best. Here in Artech the working environment is open and encourages risk-taking, a pre-condition for any innovative work.

Taipei Headquarter
Artech Technology Design Co.,Ltd began as a small R&D start-up in Taiwan, back in July 1994. Our primary focus has remained unchanged since, i.e. in the telecommunication and consumer electronics industries. Our team however has expanded beyond Taiwan, with 3 R&D centres and a Bangkok sales office. Our products have been exported worldwide, including America, Korea, S.E. Asia, Middle East, Turkey, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

Taipei R&D ceter

Focus on key technology products and Embedded XP industrial PC design.

Shenzhen Integrated R&D Centre

Started in 1996 as a branch but our Shenzhen Long Hua R&D Centre is now the main hub for Artech, with close to 100 R&D engineers. Activities include industrial design, concept development, hardware, firmware, software design.

Chongqing Software Design Centre

Began in 2007 with 50 software designers, Chongqing R&D centre is mainly responsible both low and high level PC software.

Bangkok Sales Office

Set up in 2003 to serve the needs of Southeast Asia market. Current sales team is about 50 staff.


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